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Why an interconnected world is a better world

At DHL, we are guided by a simple yet powerful idea: global trade connects people and improves lives. As a logistics provider, building those ties is our business and our passion. When more people have access to goods, services and information, the quality of life on our planet improves. To track DHL, use the online tool. And in times of crisis, staying connected is more important than ever.
In recent decades, we have seen how increased trade and interaction have raised prosperity and choice, reduced poverty, cultivated diversity, and enriched lives culturally in many places around the world. Globalization – the growing connectedness of people, businesses, societies, and countries worldwide – is, in fact, omnipresent today. Clearly, an exceptionally positive force is at work here – one that we need to harness better. USPS tracking tool is here. The more open, connected, and integrated societies and businesses become, the more opportunities for prosperity, freedom, and stability we can create all over the world.
In the wake of the pandemic, we have certainly seen how much our well-being depends on the rapid delivery of essential supplies, such as personal protective equipment, around the world. State-of-the-art global supply chains ensure that important goods continue to be produced, transported, and delivered to the people who need them. They keep medicines, flowing, shelves stocked, and businesses running.
Digital technology is bringing the world together, keeping us connected, and opening up even more and completely new opportunities. It’s easier and faster than ever to seize upon new ideas from all over the world, benefit from ground-breaking innovations, and take a ride on the global information highway. That is why we believe that an interconnected world is clearly a better world. In other words: we need more – not less – globalization.

Digitalization is a Turning Point in Our History

The world is going digital – a paradigm shift that’s having a huge impact on our lives. The use of digital technology has radically changed the way we communicate, travel, consume and work.
Often called the digital transformation, the use of technology to optimize core business and modernize IT infrastructure may very well be the biggest opportunity since globalization. It is equipping humankind with fundamentally new abilities and enhancing processes like never before.
Digitalization is playing a key role in our strategy (DHL tracking number). We believe it will make our business more efficient and effective, empower our people to provide ever improving service to our customers, and create new opportunities in logistics. That’s why we’re accelerating our efforts to go digital. Our Strategy 2025 – Delivering excellence in a digital world – steps up the digital transformation already underway across our Group. With dedicated enterprise architecture and centers of excellence, we’re taking concrete steps to reshape our IT landscape and drive this turning point in our history.

Excellence. Simply delivered. In a sustainable way.

We have a tremendous responsibility. Our business is an essential driver of global trade, economic growth, and individual prosperity, but our worldwide operations also have an impact on the environment. More than half a million people around the world rely on us for employment, while millions more depend on our services every day. We connect every corner of the globe, but we must also comply with a world of varying regulatory environments.
We take this responsibility seriously, which is why we’ve made sustainability a cornerstone of our Strategy 2025 – Delivering excellence in a digital world – and an essential element of our mission – Excellence. Simply delivered. With a clear strategy to guide us and a purpose to drive us, we are taking action today to make a lasting positive impact on tomorrow.
Over the years, we have repeatedly redefined logistics, from introducing the industry’s first green product to becoming the first logistics company to commit to a zero-emissions target. In the past 15 years, we have continuously improved our carbon efficiency while introducing innovative green logistics solutions to make supply chains more sustainable and help our customers achieve their environmental goals.
As a globally operating company, it is our duty to reduce our footprint even more and make supply chains even greener. And as a logistics leader, we have to stand up as a world-class role model for equal opportunity, safe working conditions, compliance, and good corporate governance.
We are the world’s 11th largest employer, with a diverse team of some 570,000 colleagues working across 220 countries and territories worldwide. That puts us in a unique position to lead our industry towards a greener and more sustainable future. But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we are a longstanding, dedicated partner of the United Nations and committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together with our people, partners, customers, and investors, we are building on our past achievements and plotting a course for future success. By planning specific actions and setting milestones, we are committed to delivering excellence in a sustainable way now and in the future. And we hope others will follow our lead.
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